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0 Compatible iPhone/iPad/Android Backup OTG Smart Phone Green 4. The link took me to the order page. We&39;ve found a perfec. So, I restarted the process and after forty minutes it told me that I had more pictures than space on the 128 GB. The PhotoStick for iPhone is an auto-backup feature for iPhone photos and other data. Not only does Photostick work on photos, but it can also find videos and documents too. The Photo Stick Mobile How it works, step by step tutorial Get an exclusive discount if you order here ThePhotoStick is a small USB flash drive that instantly backs up all of your photos, videos, and media files with just one click.

The PhotoStick Usage Manual. I thought I had saved the software to Explorer but unfortunately this was not the case and the formatting also removed thephotostick. File Format Supported By The Photostick Mobile The Photostick mobile for android and iOS works best for pictures, videos and other types of files. Watch a demonstration video of getting started with your ThePhotoStick that also takes a more in-depth look at different settings to choose from, selecting additional photo and video file types to find and sa. All memories that you can keep safe and backed up on your Photostick device. ThePhotoStick Mobile ® safely and securely backs up all your photos and videos to ThePhotoStiok Mobile Device. Never lose another cute smile, magic moment, or precious memory. You can then easily transfer to any PC or MAC through the USB port that is on the other end of ThePhotoStick Mobile.

ThePhotoStick 128 is a USB stick that contains the amazing software and storage that makes it easy to find all your photos and videos on your Mac or PC and easily save them to the USB stick. Double-click on the desktop shortcut labeled as PHOTOSTICK. 0 for PC and Mac Computers, 64GB Backup and Storage Device Photos and Videos, Now with Free Photo/Video Organizer at Amazon. From the main app screen, tap “Backup Files Now!

To start ThePhotoStick on Mac: Plug into an open USB slot. Haven&39;t backed them up because it would take hours to find them all? The PhotoStick Usage Manual ThePhotoStick Default Settings. The Photostick 128. 0 port for the PC makes sure data transfer to the PC. With photostick, there is no need for any manual work. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for ThePhotoStick 2.

Let the ThePhotoStick ® do the work for you with one simple click. Just plug it in and hit GO. First, my iMac running 10. Photostick really is for everybody, and if you have read some Photo Stick reviews, you will see similar sentiments. My Android smartphone was completely full and had no space left for new apps or photos. IMPORTANT: Mac users, please read this. Photostick not working, replacement required. Need help getting started with ThePhotoStick® for Mac and Windows computers or ThePhotoStick® Mobile for iOS and Android cell phones?

You can then easily transfer to any computer or tablet through a micro or standard USB port. NOTE: If no icon appears on your desktop after plugging in ThePhotoStick, go to Finder and double-click PHOTOSTICK listed under devices. It offers 80Mb/S reading and writing speed. 1 out of 5 stars 1,752.

I received my photostick yesterday, plugged it in, and it appeared to be doing it&39;s thing. J Octo Raza Ali Kazmi Data Management, Solutions. ThePhotoStick protects your photo and video memories that are on your Windows or Mac computer. We will get you started with your ThePhotoStick® and ThePhotoStick® Mobile as soon as possible! 0 Compatible iPhone/iPad/Android Backup OTG Smart Phone QARFEE Silver 4. ThePhotoStick®, 206 N. It is a good organizer that can automatically identify all the duplicate files and remove them. Using a Photostick: A User’s Walk Through Manual Updated on by Jessica Parker Trying to find out the pictures from a trip long back but have neither the patience nor the time to do so?

I ordered a photostick from Facebook advert offering a 50% discount for a second stick. I went and made a coffee, came back and my screen was blank. I stupidly formatted the photostick instead of removing the photostick manual my files because I wanted to start a whole new set of backups. And then it froze. The Picture Keeper photo stick offers a smart backup drive for picture storage by transferring your pictures, videos, and contacts stored on your, iphone, android and desktop computer to protect your memories and free up space on your devices.

Can the Photostick be plugged into a Smart TV to see the photos on the stick? Backup your files with a Picture Keeper photo stick. Is The PhotoStick Worth Buying? There are currently many ads running on the internet and I think it&39;s very clever from these people to. A Photostick can solve all of these as it comes with a humongous space of a maximum of 1 Terabyte that is able to store thousands of photos up to a limit of 1,00,000 shots.

When it finally came up I hit "GO", per the instructions, and the program ran and ran and ran and found more duplicate files than actual files. It contains software that searches through folders to find images you lost. Will you research the problem and found the perfect solution - the ph. Hello: I&39;m planning to purchase 6 Photosticks as Christmas gifts but I have 2 questions: 1. ThePhotoStick® Original Back Up Your Photos With One Click on ThePhotoStick® Don&39;t waste hours the photostick manual of your time trying to find, organize, and backup all your photos and videos.

The storage sizes available; as of writing this Photostick review are: 8 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. I withdrew the stick from the laptop, then reinserted it and my laptop doesn&39;t recognise it, it tells me to insert a disk into the usb drive. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for ThePhotoStick Mobile 32 at Amazon. ThePhotoStick is a new device designed as a convenient way to backup files in seconds.

Backing up Photos and Videos. Will I lose my pictures and videos? Is It Worth The Money? Do you have thousands of photos scattered all over your computer?

Can Photostick 2. That’s a heck of a lot of photographs. Also called Photo Stick and Photostick, it looks just like the flash drive that you already have. It is a 128GB flash drive for the iPhone which can transfer data directly from iPhone through the lightning port.

I then discovered that the bill came through at a very exorbitant exchange rate from GBP to USD and with only a 40% discount plus shipping making it £8 dearer at proper exchange rates and 50%. Flash Drive Compatible iPhone, Photo Stick 128GB Support iPhone, Memory Stick Photostick Mobile, Thumb Drive USB 3. There isn’t a long sorting process or manual transferal process that you have to go through. Colorado, HAXTUN, CO 80731, USA ThePhotoStick® is a registered trademark of Prairie IT, LLC. Thanks to how Photo Stick works, most of the effort will be on the thumb drive’s part.

If the TPS Mobile USB stick is not plugged into your iPhone or iPad, do it now. Even though it is optimized for storing various media files on it, essentially the PhotoStick can be used to back up virtually any kind of file. To give you a rough idea, 128 GB can hold something along the lines of 60,000 photos.

exe file from the stick and Explorer. Its storage capacity is 8GB, 64GB, and 128Gb. All you have to do is click a button and this gadget does the tedious, time-consuming the photostick manual job for you. The PhotoStick is a neat innovative bit of invention that is a tiny USB drive and might not seem to be so useful to a random observer. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The Original Smart Photo Stick.

0 copy pictures from Android phone if both the Photostick and Android phone are plugged into a computer at the same time? The PhotoStock Mobile ® safely and securely backs up all your photos and videos to ThePhotoStiok Mobile Device. That is until they go on to find out the huge benefits it offers. Convenience Photosticks come with great ease of use and convenience as there is no need for any extension of external equipment to operate it effectively. 12 could not find the PhotoStick icon. The PhotoStick Usage Manual. Yup, there’s no need to highlight, select, copy, or paste anything.

The largest available PhotoStick model is PhotoStick 128 that offers a storage space of 128 GB and can hold an impressive 60,000 high-resolution photos. 0 out of 5 stars 420. Watch a video of getting started with your ThePhotoStick: click here. ThePhotoStick was designed to be flexible to meet your back-up needs. Visit us here for user guides, FAQs, and even chat support.

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